How New Technology Can Transform Your Cleaning Service Business

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From window cleaner safety harnesses to heavy-duty grease cutters for kitchens, a cleaning business supports its workers by supplying them with the tools needed for one of the most intricate and detailed forms of manual labour. If you run a cleaning service business, you are probably on the lookout for new ways to improve your services, support your workers, and help your business grow.  Quality is of the utmost importance if your client’s site is going to be left in a sparkling condition, or better yet, looking as good as new. New technology can play a part in achieving that perfect finish your customers will love. 

There is, of course, nothing like the human touch when it comes to detailed work, however smart integration of AI to help your workers can boost your business’ productivity, and digital field reporting tools such as Workforce can help your business operations run more smoothly.

Many cleaning companies are reaping multiple benefits from integrating new technology and digital processes into their solutions. And with new tools coming to market every day, it’s a great time to take stock of what’s available to support your cleaning service business as the industry evolves. Here are some ways in which new technology can transform your cleaning service business in 2020. 

Save time and maintain high standards using AI

If you are looking to drive down costs and increase production efficiency, AI could be a great option for your cleaning service business. With the advent of AI tools, cleaning businesses software can provide various cleaning processes with minimal human input, and therefore minimum error and maximum efficiency. While Roomba is probably the most well-known domestic autonomous vacuum brand, industrial-grade autonomous vacuum cleaners are also available and operate in much the same way but with added power. These machines can determine the size of the area to be cleaned, no matter how large, detect obstacles and recall the best routes to use in navigating their working environment. As the machine takes on more cleaning work, it learns from the data that it gathers from its environment and improves its efficiency in future tasks.   

There are robots for floor scrubbing, which is notoriously ‘back-breaking’ labour when done rigorously. Integrating one of these machines, even if monitored by a human worker, will go quite some way to preserving the health of your staff in the long run. Window-cleaning robots and building facade-cleaning robots are also gaining popularity in the industry, due to the much lower safety risk associated with machines scaling walls rather than humans. You can maintain a high quality of work for your customers and eliminate danger to staff with the implementation of these solutions. 

The Internet of Things (IoT) can also allow for autonomous monitoring of spaces that need periodic cleaning. By tracking chemicals, such as dust in HVAC systems and clarity levels pool water, your business can keep one step ahead and cleaning schedules can be created in accordance with the data gathered by smart sensors. Automatic pool cleaners can be installed, which are triggered by sensor data; another time-saving and human intervention-free process. 

Although taking on a machine to cover human tasks sounds like it could be detrimental to staff who could fear redundancy, it will ultimately help your business streamline. Your business will be free to seek staff with specialist skills, assign these human workers only where necessary and automate basic manual processes. Existing staff could also benefit; because autonomous machines are quicker at completing manual tasks, they free up time for your workers to concentrate on other, more challenging, aspects of work.   

Drive sustainable practice with waste reduction technology

Environmental concerns and carbon footprint management are high on the agenda for most businesses who wish to operate ethically. As humankind becomes increasingly conscious of the impact daily activity has on the climate and nature, more customers will prefer to use cleaning companies with eco-friendliness and sustainability credentials.  

You can make sure your business is sustainable and achieves carbon neutral status by leveraging the myriad technologies that help reduce the amount of needless waste generated by cleaning services. 

Using ecological products or recycled materials are tried and tested methods that all businesses can implement. With cleaning businesses specifically, it’s advisable to look into smart cleaning equipment that burns less energy than legacy machines. Eco-saving water solutions such as jet washers and taps that use less water are a great way to save litres upon litres of water a year. 

If your business utilises washing machines, you can install filtration solutions that make the water reusable in a short space of time. New filtration technology allows for approximately 95% of washing machine water to be reused. 

‘No-touch cleaning’ is an innovation that enables sustainability. It encourages businesses to replace mops and or similar cloth tools which often end up in landfills, with low-pressure water fans, designed specifically for hard-to-reach cleaning.  

Lastly, if you are moving equipment between sites, consider switching to electric vehicles for your business transportation, an innovation that can help all industries and significantly reduce your cleaning service business’ carbon footprint.

Improve communication with apps for field reporting

Smart device applications such as Workforce can help staff at cleaning service companies improve their on-site reporting. These apps let staff send and receive photos of the facilities they have been assigned to and store electronic copies of service agreements, invoices, and other relevant documents on a secure cloud platform.

Besides reducing errors in reporting, these applications also ensure that your cleaning operations are time-bound and therefore economical. Employees can report their work commencement and completion times. Progress on tasks can also be tracked by supervisors. These checks will help improve the efficiency of your cleaning service business.                  

New technology is currently transforming the cleaning sector and making it more efficient, sustainable and agile. Customers expect quality service, and they want it delivered promptly. You can meet their demands by being at the forefront of new technology, which will give your cleaning service business an advantage that’s crucial for continued success. Tech-driven solutions are the way forward for the cleaning service industry, so make sure to future-proof your business.


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