See how Trinity Maxwell manage their new division and track field staff with Workforce

About Trinity Maxwell
Trinity Maxwell is one of the leading telecoms and communications providers covering London. They are a multi-discipline company who offer a broad range of services from Cybersecurity, to field mobile and tablet repairs. We conducted a short Q&A with Alex Goodwin Head of division at Trinity Maxwell
What was the biggest problem you were looking to solve when you were looking for a solution like Workforce?
A. We were looking for a solution that allowed us to manage and track our field technicians as well as capture, pre and post work signatures, images and status changes. We also wanted everything tied back to the job so that we can keep organized and have all our data stored in a centralized place.
How were you managing work before you were using Workforce?
A. We were starting up a new division of the company specializing in field mobile repairs. Workforce is the first package we have used.

What do you like most about workforce?
A. I like the fact that Workforce is an all in one package. I can track staff, manage work and have all the information I need to be tied back to a job. It makes life so much easier and ensures we are organised. I also like the fact that everything happens instantly which enables us to have faster job completion times and deliver a better service to our customers.
Would you recommend Workforce to others?
A. yes, I would 100% recommend workforce to any business who dispatch work to a mobile based team.
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