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Features New Workforce

See what Workforce can do for your team based out in the field. Complete work from anywhere with the click of a button


Features New Workforce

Office Staff
See what Workforce can do for your staff based in the office. Take on more work without having to increase admin

Office Staff

Features New Workforce

See how workforce can increase your productivity & help you manage your business


Features New Workforce

See what Workforce can do to ensure your customers get a 1st class service. From portal access to automated notifications.


For The Fieldworker

Communicate with the office in real time and have all of the information you need at your fingertips. Capture important information including photos, notes and signatures onsite, eliminating paperwork and allowing you to focus on what you do best.


When you receive a new job you will be sent a push notification to alert you. We will also alert you if you have a change of schedule to an existing job!

The office can control permission levels, and allow fieldworkers to just complete jobs or give them access to create quotes, view the customer database and invoice.

Field worker mobile apps that work offline
Fieldworkers can download native Apps available for iOS and Android on their smartphones to complete work. Our Apps work when the fieldworker has no internet connection, letting them complete work in places with limited connectivity such as basements and remote locations.

Features New Workforce

Features New Workforce

Capture important information
Capture important information on jobs such as photos, customer signatures, payments and notes. All of your data will be available to the office in seconds!

Complete jobs with the click of a button
When work has been completed or if the job requires attention, the job status can be updated to let the office know in real time. Apps are available for fieldworkers on both IOS and Android.

Track time when on jobs
When working on a job you can start the time tracker which will automatically record time spent on the job. When the job is complete you can stop recording and all info will be available to the office.

Timesheets & Expenses
Fill in and submit weekly timesheets and expenses to be approved for payment with the click of a button.

Form Filling
Fill in general, custom, industry specific and compliance forms on the mobile App that will sync back to the office instantly & be ready to be sent to customers if required.

Calendar Integrations
Sync appointments from Workforce directly onto all popular calendars such as Google Cal, iCloud, Outlook and more.

  • Features New Workforce
  • Features New Workforce
  • Features New Workforce

Features New Workforce

For Office Staff

Work and communicate with your mobile workforce faster. Manage plan and schedule customer information and jobs in real time with the ability to keep customers upto date without having to chase field workers for information. All of your business information secure and in one place allowing you to work more productively.


Features New Workforce

Customer Management Made Easy

Capturing customer information is easy in Workforce. You can save site addresses, contact details, Files & notes, import customers from a spreadsheet and capture any other information that you require.

Work on any Device

Because Workforce is web based, you can work wherever you are on all types of devices. The admin console works perfectly on computers, tablets or mobile phones.

Drag & Drop Scheduling

Schedule work to field workers using the Intuitive drag & drop scheduler. Have all of your jobs scheduled to the right fieldworker at the right time!

Form Builder & Checklists

Create and fill in general, custom and compliance forms as well as create checklists, surveys and much more

Gps Tracking

View your fieldworkers live positions on the map in real time. This is great for updating customers or finding the closest fieldworker to fit in an urgent job.

Job Management

Create, manage and edit jobs with ease. Its really easy to update a jobs status, add notes, costs and schedule to your fieldworkers. You can also set-up recurring jobs that happen daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.

Assets & Service Contracts

Manage customer assets and equipment as well as warranty periods and service contracts

Timesheet Approval

View and approve submitted timelogs and expenses for all of your staff making weekly timesheets a breeze.

Branded Quotes & Invoices

Easily create quotes and invoices for customers. You can personalise both by adding your logo and company details.

Purchase Orders

Create and send purchase orders, keep track of delivery statuses and manage your list of suppliers

Email + SMS messaging

Send automated emails and SMS messages to customers and fieldworkers based on conditions

For Management

Your customers, Field workers and office staff are at the heart of your business and if any of the three are not communicating properly it can be bad for business. Workforce lets you connect all three parties together using the latest technology which leads to faster job completion times, improved customer satisfaction & a highly productive happy workforce.


Features New Workforce

Customise Everything
Customise everything in Workforce to suit your business. This includes your logo on invoices and quotes. Change timezone, currency tax rates and much more. Incredible flexibility with super simple field service software.

Connect Workforce With Your Accounting Software
If you use Xero or Quickbooks, you can sync your data between your accounting software and Workforce. This will allow you to have your customer records and Invoices up to date in both software’s.

Tailor Made Data Collection
Collect custom data for jobs, customers, Invoices and quotes. This will allow your office staff to Collect crucial data such as makes of items, serial Numbers, birthdays and anything else you require!

Filter & Export Your Data
Filter jobs, quotes and invoices by date, Fieldworkers, status and much more. You can then export this data as a spreadsheet and use it for reporting.

Features New Workforce

Features New Workforce

Rock Solid Security & Backed Up Data
We use the latest technology to ensure your account is both safe and backed up. In the unlikely event our system suffered a loss of service, we have everything backed up in a separate location, which can be restored right away. We currently have a 99.9% uptime record.

Business Friendly Transparent Pricing
Our software is subscription based so you only pay a low monthly fee, with no large upfront costs and no contracts. Sign up for our no obligation free trial and get your fieldworkers and office connected!

For Your Customers

Provide a 1st Class service and ensure customer satisfaction at all times with tools that will help you schedule, keep customers in the loop and give them access to view information and request work 24/7


Status Updates
Allow Customers To Receive Automated Emails And Sms Notifications Based On Status Updates

Job Reports
Send Customers Fully Branded Job Reports That Can Include Custom Data, Job Descriptions, Images, Signatures And Optionally Costs.

Customer Portal
Give Customers Access To A Branded Portal Where They Can See Their Jobs, Quotes, Invoices As Well As Request New Work To Be Done And Make Payments

Features New Workforce

Trusted the world over
Teams of every size, shape and kind have already made Workforce their software of choice.
Features New Workforce
The Workforce and Xero integration has helped us eliminate the need to double enter data. I love the fact that I can Invoice in Workforce and all of my data automatically appears in Xero, its brilliant! 
Michelle Avis
Manager - Drains Ahead Ltd
Features New Workforce
"It's really easy to use. We now have everyone working digitally, we can plan in advance and the technicians can easily see what’s going on all the time, so changes to schedules are no longer a problem. The technicians also no longer have to keep coming into the office which increases our productivity and allows us to focus on jobs."
Mike Philbin
Managing Director at Nu Life Floorcare

Features New Workforce

WH Armstong Plumbing
WH Armstong are a well respected Plumbing & Heating company who wanted to improve customer satisfaction and stay ahead of the competition

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Features New Workforce

Nu Life Floorcare
Nu-life Floorcare were looking for an all in one solution that helped manage fieldworkers, keep track of customer contracts and streamline processes

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Features New Workforce

Prymo Resurfacing
See how the team at Prymo streamlined the way they work with their team out in the field and saw a 20% reduction in job completion times

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