Dispatch software Workforce

Dispatch & Job scheduling software

Eliminate paperwork, Improve communication between the office and the field, Schedule jobs in real time with our dispatch software

Dispatch software Workforce

Workforce dispatch scheduling software saves you time

Quickly dispatch jobs to your field staff who receive jobs on their mobile App instantly. Once the job is complete they can sign off onsite

Dispatch software Workforce

Easy for field workers to use

Your field workers can take photos, signatures and sign jobs off on their App. This information will sync back to the office instantly

Notify your team in the field

When a job is dispatched to one of your field team, they will get a notification on their phone and an email (optional) with job details

Easy scheduling and view your field workers on a map

You can schedule jobs easily to one or more of your field team. You can also view their current position on the map

Real time information at your fingertips

As soon as you field team update information about a job or change a jobs status you will be able to see the updates instantly in office

No long winded training required

Its really easy to add a new customer or job to the system. Your admin team will find using the software a breeze without lots of training

Job completion report

Once the job is complete you can view or download a PDF report in the office with all job details that can also be sent to the customer

Support when you need it

If you need any help you can ask us questions from within the software. We also have getting started and “how to” videos available

Dispatch software Workforce

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Dispatch software Workforce

Dispatch & Job scheduling software

Workforce dispatch & Job scheduling software makes it easy for businesses that have staff in the field and staff in the office communicate together.

You can dispatch jobs to your field workforce who will receive jobs instantly on their mobile or tablet devices. They can then complete work onsite and sign off the job from their device using the Workforce App

Job Management
Job Listing List of all current and completed jobs
Add JobCreate a new job
Job Files & NotesAdd files and notes to a Job
Job StatusesChange or update the  status of a job
Export jobsExport jobs as a CSV file
Add cost itemsCreate cost items for a job
Job priorityChange the priority level of a job
Convert job to invoiceConvert job to invoice and send all job data to the invoice section
Job SheetsPrint, download or email a job sheet containing full job details
Job reportPrint, download or email a full job report containing job details, notes and images
Job FilteringFilter jobs list by customer, status, field worker or keyword
Recurring Jobs Create daily, weekly monthly or yearly recurring job sequences that will automaticlly create jobs for you
Job revisits Create revists to jobs that require further action or need parts prior to completion
Customer listList of all customers
Add a new customerAdd a new customer to the system
Customer files and notesAdd notes and files to a particular customer
Work locationsAdd customer work locations which can be re used
Block a customerRestrict a customer from being able to order any further services
Export customersExport customers to a CSV file
Invoice history View in a list all of the invoices for a particular customer
Payment history Overview of payments received
Customer searchSearch the customer list by keyword, postcode, name and much more
Scheduling/ Maps
Day/Week/Month view View schedules for day, week and month views
Drag and drop job scheduling Drag jobs from the parked job section onto the scheduler
Map ViewView field workers, and jobs on a map
Drag and drop map scheduling Drag unscheduled jobs from the map directly onto the scheduler
Advanced Filtering Filter the scheduler by field workers, customers and statuses
Field worker tracking View your field workers on the Map and get the latest updates of their last tracked position
Add new Jobs from the schedulerAdd a new job to the scheduler direclty from the scheduling section
Filtering presets Save pre populated filtering presets
EventsAdd a new event to the scheduler
Quote Listing List of all current and completed Quotes
Add QuoteCreate a new Quote
Quote Files & NotesAdd files and notes to a Quote
Add cost itemsCreate cost items for a Quote
Quote StatusesChange or update the  status of a Quote
Convert Quote to JobConvert an accepted quote to a job and automatically pull over all data such as files, notes and Cost
Send quote to customers Send created quotes to your customers from within the App
Export QuotesExport quotes as a CSV file
Quote filteringFilter quote list by dates, customer’s and statuses
Invoice Listing List of all current and paid invoices
Add InvoiceCreate a new invoice
Invoice statusesChange or update the status of a new or existing invoice
Invoice cost itemsCreate cost items for invoices
Send invoice to customerSend a created invoice to a customer via the WF App
Add paymentRecord a payment against an invoice
Export InvoicesExport your invoice data in a CSV file
Invoice filteringFilter invoice list by dates, customer’s and statuses
Automated invoicingAutomaticlly generate invoices on job completion
Batch invoicing Invoice a customer for multiple jobs at once

How does the 14-day free trial work?

We provide you with full access to workforce free for 14 days. You do not need to enter any credit card details during this period. If you are happy with the App you can subscribe from within your account. If you do not wish to continue then your account will automatically close after your trial is complete.

Do I need technical knowledge to use the software?

Nope! We have made sure workforce is extremely easy to use for everyone in office and for your fieldworkers. What’s awesome is, you will be able to get up and running in minutes without any help.

Are there any setup costs?

We have built Workforce with ease of use at the forefront. We do not charge any setup costs and would be happy to help if you have any questions when getting started

Can I add new users at any point?

Yes, you can add new users in seconds at any time within your online account.

How does the pricing work?

We charge a flat fee per user. You can create/ delete users easily from within your online account at any time.

Can I add custom information?

Yes our dispatch software allows you to take down important information such as building access details, special requests, serial codes and any other custom information you would like to capture.

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