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Workforce is an industry leading HVAC software that can make your business more profitable with simple changes. Our cloud based platform enables faster and more effective communication between office staff and field teams, ultimately boosting productivity and customer satisfaction.

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A disconnect between administrative staff, senior management and field workers is unfortunately common in HVAC companies, as the mobile nature of their jobs throws up barriers to communication. Workforce’s cloud based platforms are designed to seamlessly integrate the operations of office-based and in-field professionals for better productivity

When a new job is scheduled for a member of your field team, they instantly receive a notification on the Workforce app, complete with all job details. You can also automate an email with this information if you prefer. Office and field workers are kept in constant contact without the need for lengthy discussions or movement back and forth. Beyond aiding in scheduling, the GPS tracking tool is also an excellent field team management tool, allowing office staff to stay on top of timekeeping.

The benefits of Workforce’s cloud based platform also extend to the field team’s increased capabilities. Any data they collect on site will automatically sync back to the office, including getting jobs signed off, a change in job status or a collection of payment. This increased responsibility eliminates unnecessary dead time in your field team’s day and is always kept under the watchful eye of office staff.


Providing great services to customers can be enabled by HVAC software and made incredibly easy with Workforce. Simplify the way heating, ventilation and air conditioning services are delivered across the board with intuitive scheduling tools and job management features.

  • Scheduling jobs for one or more of your field team is simple with the help of Workforce’s visual drag and drop and GPS tracking mechanisms, encouraging office staff to make common sense decisions that save time, promote productivity and maximise the potential of your field team’s working day.
  • View your field team’s current position on the map and assign work based on who’s closest to reduce travel time between jobs.
  • When they arrive on site, your HVAC field staff can have additional capabilities to collect and share important information such as photos and customer signatures that allow them to sign jobs off on Workforce.
  • Eliminate time-consuming paperwork and speed up your business process, while always keeping office staff in control of what permissions fieldworkers have.
  • Workforce is designed to be used by all kinds of field service teams, regardless of technological ability. Our HVAC company scheduling software is a breeze to use, as it’s built around common sense, and job management is streamlined so that quotes can easily be converted into jobs once accepted, and jobs are turned into invoices once signed off.
  • If your field staff get stuck at any point, we have lots of resources available, including “how to” videos and guides, and they can also ask us questions from within the app.
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  • "Workforce has really helped us manage the communication between our office staff and field workers. Its easy to get started and perfect for Engineers, they just get how to use it without any training. I'd definitely recommend Workforce if you have a mobile based team"

    Alistair Arundell
    Alistair Arundell Smartmove Property Maintenance
  • "I really like that all of our field technicians have full access to all of the information they need instantly. It has enabled us to achieve operational efficiency both in office and out in the field"

    Imran Shahzad Gas & Electrical contractors
  • "The software itself is very easy to use for small businesses like ours. It has been the simplest to use without compromising on quality. One of our engineers despises technology and I know he will be fine with this! "

    Lisa Sarson Heatwize Plumbing & Heating

Features designed for growing businesses


Create and send professional Quotes to customer and convert more business.


Create a job or create a recurrence of jobs in seconds saving valuable admin time.


Instantly schedule jobs to the right person using the drag & drop scheduler.


Generate invoices and batch multi job invoices in seconds using data from jobs.


Fieldworker mobile Apps for both iOS and Android that work both online and offline.


Create your own job statuses and work with field workers to update jobs instantly.


Track and view the location of your staff in real time on a map.


Fill in commercial & domestic forms such as CP12s & others from the Field App.


Have your customers, suppliers and contractors in one organised system.


Manage customers with multiple properties using our Sites features.


Manage stock items, as well as saved costs such as services.


Integrate workforce with your accounting software and payment processing.

integrates with

Accounting and payment providers that Workforce integrates with

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Workforce.FM makes life easier for HVAC Workers by simplifying and streamlining job management and field service operations. Our real time platform lets you schedule, allocate, track, quote and invoice jobs seamlessly. Instant photo and signature capture means HVAC Workers can do their work without worrying about paperwork. All details are synced and organised instantly across the Workforce.FM platform, keeping field workers and office-based staff up-to-date at all times.

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