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Water Hygiene and Treatment Job Management Software Workforce

Field service management software to organise your water hygiene and treatment services
Workforce.FM makes the lives of teams providing water hygiene and treatment services less stressful and more efficient with lightning fast communication between field workers, office staff and customers. By centralising all information in a secure, regulated way on Workforce.FM, jobs get done quicker and productivity is amplified.

Water Hygiene and Treatment Job Management Software Workforce

Retain more customers with a personalised customer portal

Customers need regular services at their fingertips if they expect to keep on top of their water hygiene and treatment needs. Whether it’s a legal client who require a water hygiene and treatment service to keep on top of their legal requirements or a domestic customer who as is at risk of being exposed to Legionella bacteria and must follow a risk management programme, impressing and retaining your customers is important.

Workforce.FM features an impressive Customer Portal to open up clear lines of communication between you and your customers, whether it’s for a one-off job or recurring maintenance work. Depending on permissions given to them by office staff, customers can view or request jobs, quotes and invoices. If you have Stripe card payments enabled, then your customers can even process payments against their invoices through the Portal, which can also be integrated with your existing accounts software.

The portal’s two-way direct messaging system allows customers greater access to your water hygiene and treatment services while keeping your office staff firmly in the driver’s seat. Customers can discuss quotes, payments or upcoming jobs as well as get a hold of you with any urgent queries.

Improve communication between your field and office staff

Give your field team more autonomy while always keeping your office and management staff in the loop and in control. Workforce.FM is a cloud based platform for more effective job management, which means that any information that is logged in the field is automatically synced back to the office. This speedy and hassle-free method of communication can make it easier than ever to deliver your water hygiene and treatment services.

Use your field team’s time more productively with Workforce.FM’s common sense scheduling tool. With visual tools such as GPS tracking and a simple drag and drop motion for timetabling, office staff can create jobs in seconds and reduce travel time between jobs, making sure that your business hours are used to their full potential.

Field workers are notified of any new jobs that have been scheduled for them via notifications on the app, so they can get on the move for any urgent work.

Forget unnecessary phone conversations, lengthy email threads, or written logs that are easily misplaced; Workforce.FM allows field staff delivering water hygiene and treatment services to receive and view all the information they need to carry out a specific job on our mobile app.

This includes the time and date of their upcoming or existing jobs, addresses, access details, special requests and more.

Water Hygiene and Treatment Job Management Software Workforce

Keep both teams running like clockwork with job status updates that immediately sync back to the office via the cloud based server. Office staff can monitor progress and timekeeping while field staff can easily get jobs signed off on the spot, with a customer signature to boot.

Once a job has been marked as complete, office team can even see how stock levels are affected. Every action in Workforce.FM, whether logged on the mobile app or admin console, streamlines the process, allowing staff to move on to the next step quicker and with less risk of miscommunication.
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The Workforce and Xero integration has helped us eliminate the need to double enter data. I love the fact that I can Invoice in Workforce and all of my data automatically appears in Xero, its brilliant! 
Michelle Avis
Manager - Drains Ahead Ltd
"It's really easy to use. We now have everyone working digitally, we can plan in advance and the technicians can easily see what’s going on all the time, so changes to schedules are no longer a problem. The technicians also no longer have to keep coming into the office which increases our productivity and allows us to focus on jobs."
Mike Philbin
Managing Director at Nu Life Floorcare
Features designed for growing businesses

Create and send professional Quotes to customer and convert more business
Log Jobs

Create a job or create a recurrence of jobs in seconds saving valuable admin time

Instantly schedule jobs to the right person using the drag & drop scheduler

Generate invoices and batch multi job invoices in seconds using data from jobs
Mobile Apps

Fieldworker mobile Apps for both iOS and Android that work both online and offline
Job Tracking

Create your own job statuses and work with field workers to update jobs instantly
Staff Locations

Track and view the location of your staff in real time on a map.

Fill in commercial & domestic compliance forms & others from the Field App

Contacts Database

Have your customers, suppliers and contractors in one organised system.

Customer Sites

Manage customers with multiple properties using our Sites features.

Stock & Costs

Manage stock items, as well as saved costs such as services.


Integrate workforce with your accounting software and payment processing.

Workforce Integrations & Add-ons
Integrate Workforce with leading tools to help you reduce the amount of time you spend doing administration and data entry. With connections available for accounting to sync invoice and contacts, as well as payment processing and SMS messaging, Workforce has you covered!

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Workforce.FM makes life easier for Tradesman by simplifying and streamlining job management and field service operations. Our real time platform lets you schedule, allocate, track, quote and invoice jobs seamlessly. Instant photo and signature capture means Tradesman can do their work without worrying about paperwork. All details are synced and organised instantly across the Workforce.FM platform, keeping field workers and office-based staff up-to-date at all times.

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