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Stripe Payments Field Management Integration Workforce
Stripe Payments Field Management Integration Workforce


Integrating stripe payments with Workforce will mean that you can process card payments at an affordable rate. The integration allows the following

  • Office staff can take payment against an invoice from within the web based console
  • Fieldworkers can capture payments against invoices from iOS and Android mobile Apps
  • Your customers can login and process payments against invoicees if you are using our customer portal feature

Stripe Payments Field Management Integration Workforce

Stripe is an easy to use but powerful online payments system that’s designed to help you process card payments easily

for more information on Stipe or to setup a stripe account you can go to the stripe website.

Stripe payments can be integrated with Workforce in less than a minute. This will allow you to process credit card, american express and visa cards effortlessly from only 1.4% of the transaction in multiple different currencies including Dollars, Pounds and much more.

Stripe payments as a company has been valued at over £10 billion pounds making it one of the largest and most succesfull payment providers in the world.

Workforce work managment software

Workforce.FM is a real-time management solution for field service & service management businesses. Our cloud based solution allows admin staff to manage and schedule jobs in real time to field workers. Field workers can access, manage, capture information and complete jobs using any Apple or Android mobile or tablet device.

Connecting your Workforce account with Stripe payment will allow your office staff to take payments, as well as allow your fieldworkers to process card payment out on site.

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