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These integrations will help you save valuable time. Stop working on menial tasks so you can focus on the more important things about building your business.
integrations workers
Update your workers
Forget losing time on logistics.
Keep your fieldworkers constantly updated.
integrations email customers
email your customers
Tell your customers about
yourself, or even send quotes
directly through Workforce.
integrations customise
customise your message
Connect with your clients through
more authentic emails and
humanise your brand.
Because emailing is integrated in every package we offer, you can start sending the right message at the right time right now.

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Stop Doing Twice the Work. Integrate With Your Accounting Software

invoice on-the-go
Create an invoice and send it off, even on the go, and it’ll be reflected in your accounts too.

get paid
Record payments on Workforce or your accounting software and the other platform will show it instantly

customer data
All your customers’ data are synced between platforms too. So you always have a full picture

two-way sync
Your software is integrated with Workforce to keep information consistent across platforms
invoice integrations
Get Even Closer To Your Customers
Quickly build quotes for customers, including costs and any attachments you need to provide. Then send them directly or make them ready in the customer portal.

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Process Payments Easily With Stripe
Stripe is the world’s leading payments platform, and it integrates seamlessly with Workforce

do it in the app
Fieldworkers can take payments from customers right there on the job.

customer portal
Your customers can make payments through their customer portal in no time.

easy on the office
The Stripe integration allows your office to take payments through the web App.
1,000+ Business Integrated.
We understand fieldwork. Over the last seven years, we’ve helped more than 1,000 customers do it better, helping them organise and improve their businesses.
It’s time we did the same for you.

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